You Mustn’t Be Frightened

This is a full double page view of my art journal.
This is a closer view of the right hand page.
This is a closer view of the left hand page.

“You mustn’t be frightened

if a sadness rises in front of you,

larger than any you have ever seen;

if an anxiety – like light and cloud-shadows,

moves over your hands and everything you do.

You must realize that something is happening to you,

that life has not forgotten you,

that it holds you in the palm of its hand

and will not let you fall.”


This is from Sandy Brown Jensen’s current art journal. It is being featured this week on Tumblr’s Journal-Inspirations site.

2 thoughts on “You Mustn’t Be Frightened”

  1. Reading “You Must Not Be Frightened” once again. It never ceases to amaze me how closely our thoughts track along similar lines. The Rilke poem is perfect for me right now. Your art just keeps getting better. The chaotic journal pages strike me as dramatic – too well designed to qualify as chaotic. I know this response is in the wrong place. Sorry, it is the only place I could find to comment.

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