Larimer Eyeglasses

12/28/08 Crazy Larimer Eyeglasses, a hermit for over 20 years, holed up in a cabin in Estes Park. Known to be a brilliant but mad professor, he finally broke his solitude to have a chance to eat, drink and talk with the reknown Shakespearean scholar, Peter Jensen. Rumors that Larimer might do harm to visitors proved to be false when professor Jensen was found unharmed drinking a latte and eating croissants while sketching in his journal at an Estes Park coffee shop.

3 thoughts on “Larimer Eyeglasses”

  1. How funny is this! This is Einstein! Funny because in my dream Glasses Larimer was a willowy brunette with big sunglasses–the “other woman” type.
    I’m rolling on the floor, laughing!

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