Dark Angel Ally Tries to Get My Attention With a Message

Dark Angel is a new ally and I had to inquire if he/she was friend or foe. She assured me that she is friend and she is waving a colorful cape, trying to get my attention. I quizzed her with automatic writing, trying to get some idea of what she wants. She advised me to start paying more attention to my allies and asking them for advice and support more often. She does have something to say, but not yet. Her answer was: stay tuned and pay attention to Life. It is always hinting, giving me clues.

I am glad she is on my side!

Skateboarder from Slipstream

Lately I am reading Haruki Murakami’s work and the most current is After Dark. I cannot explain why this odd scribble drawing emerged as a skateboarder from that story. The novel does not introduce this character, so obviously I am making it up on my own. He seems to belong in the disturbing, strange atmosphere of darkness and detail created by Murakami. I was referring to work like After Dark and the Wind Up Bird Chronicle as Japanese Magical Realism. But they refer to fiction as weird as this as Slipstream. It is not sci-fi, it is not magical realism, it is slipstream, broadly defined as the fiction of strangeness.