A Wraith From the Gray Mist Brings Good Things To Earth

The Wraith From the Gray Mist brings an armful of good things- hope, peace, joy, eroticism, playfulness to encourage people on planet earth. I just spent the last few days at a plein air paint out on Whidbey Island, WA. A gorgeous place, perfect weather and a fun event. Whidbey is near Seattle but very far away- it seems 50 years back in time. In spite of idylic circumstances – in my gut I was aware of the massive changes in our country and around the world. Banks collapsing, extensive loss of life due to war and weather; an overall undercurrent of fear and unease worldwide.

The perfect Indian summer sun could not keep away the grayness in my belly, not just for myself – I was fine, but even without seeing the news I knew that I was near the site of a recent shooting where six people died. I was also near the location of the death of a family member, just last week.

My daughter was born on Whidbey Island, and her birth was a win for Life. Her grandfather came over from Norway and was born on a boat just off the coast of Whidbey Island. I have deep history there. The armful of happiness and joy delivered by the wraith from the gray mist is most welcome. She can visit anytime.

Mr. Bachelor from Lake Hosmer or The Appearance of a Strange Black Shadow

Because of my ongoing love affair with eastern Oregon, I have many sketches of Mt. Bachelor so I am pretty familiar with the mountain. This color sketch took awhile. I worked away on it, head down, well into the early trance state of flow that happens when art is going well.

I looked up to see a solid dark shadow. a distinct band across the mountain. I looked at the sky and only the lightest wispy clouds appeared- certainly nothing to create a heavy solid shadow form. I watched without blinking for at least 40 seconds. The dark line remained long enough me to quickly add it to my sketch, then the shadow slowly dissolved and was completely gone. I cannot explain it.