Cheryl Does Picasso and The Guardian Owls All On

This is what you get when Cheryl does the massive SAM Picasso exhibit, eats excellent Mexican food then goes home to watch The Guardian Owls. The Guardian Owls movie is great animation – I was absolutely fascinated how they could give so much expression to an owl. The Picasso exhibit was dark but inspiring. He was a genius but when I compared how I felt leaving his exhibit say versus an O’Keefe exhibit, I know who I would love to have on my walls. Picasso showed only one landscape. He primarily painted people, especially women. Usually women unhappy or crying. I like our stuff better!

Spirits in the Cave Wall; Stories on the Land

I like this double page spread in my new art journal. I learned to lay down paint, then to press Saran Wrap on top and let it dry. Organic shapes were left that I could draw, trace, paint and generally have fun with as this combination cave wall and narrative landscape emerged from my meditation.

Interestingly, this painting was followed by the short story currently on my sandybrownjensen blog called “Endangered Species.”

Three of Discs

I am starting a new long term art project I’m calling My Tarot. I pull a card from the deck, study it and paint my own understanding of it. This should take about twenty years!

The card for this weekend is the Three of Discs, which is appropriately the card of the writer and artist. That said, it means applying the qualities of pure hard work, discipline and dedication.

When I painted it, I noticed that for me it is a sort of triple mandala. The great sources are the Sea of the Unconscious and the gifts it throws up on the beaches of creativity; the Sun of Insight and Inspiration; and in between, struggling for consciousness, is Craft, the Human as World Tree.

Gospel Singer

When we were kids, Mom and Daddy had Mahalia Jackson records. I liked her music and I especially responded to the album cover. This is a warm up scribble drawing. I took a long break from teaching and doing very much art – this is my way back in.