Spirit Tree

Once again, the Oregon coast deepened my thoughts and perceptions about the landscapes of my life. The cedars may no longer the original great giants but I can actually remember old growth tress from my earliest childhood. I played alone under a massive fir tree at the Haskells. I was pretty young, six or seven and I was aware of the living presence of the tree. Even then the tree breathed for me – scared me a little. The branches were so thick I could hide in there, building my make believe world away from little sisters and the neighbor kids.

Now the trees emerge as a major theme in my art. It has taken a long time for themes to make themselves known. Birds, trees, landscapes. It is shaking down, finally. This is a Spirit Tree- I saw it on our way home as we drove through gray turbulent clouds and driving rain, then enough sun to need sunglasses, then into snow and sleet. The Spirit Tree is a composite of the coastal mountain trees, wet and heavy with green gold moss.