Rose Petal Eyes

Coyote has rose petal eyes

Rose Petal Eyes
I love my rose petal eyes;
they open wide like stained
glass mandalas of the soul.
High up in the airy nave
rose windows bloom spirit eyes,
and a yellow spider hangs on
a single silver strand
of silk. She will weave
spirit eyes, and a web
to catch the dead, so they
may pause like pale moths
struggling one last time before
escaping out my rose petal eyes
into that final light or dark.
–Sandy Brown Jensen
My Eyes Shoot Spirit Rays

 Every time I teach poetry, I eventually get around to reading the story about Coyote and his Rose Petal Eyes. This is my illustration from another time (May 4, 2009) I worked with this theme, and here is the link to the short short story I wrote to go with it that time.