A Dream I Can’t Forget

Using the Paper 53 app and a Pogo bluetooth brush stylus, I went to my Dream Journal and saw I had pasted in a Chagall reproduction to illustrate a dream I had of being outside my body, or, rather, I had two bodies and was in both at the same time. This is a loose “copy” of the Chagall and my dream both.

DAILY CREATE CHALLENGE: Draw an image from a sleeping dream you still can’t forget.

November 14, 2013

Magic Solstice Tree

Magic Tree, Watercolor by Cheryl R. Long

In a clearing not far from here,

a tree shimmers and draws

tendrils of thought

into its constant making.

You may braid a world

into being inside its thousand

lights. Find it in the old

growth forest that roots

itself in your ten toes,

explodes stars through fingertips,

eyes, your hair lacing leaves,

little lights to the solstice sky.

Sandy Brown Jensen