Fields of Lake Cle Elum Gold

October 24, 2013 found me visiting Seattle to go to a conference. I came a day early so Cheryl and I would have an Art Play Day–and what a day it was! We planned for one destination, but as the sun got lower in the sky, we instead stopped in the surreal basin of the lowered reservoir.

I loved the strong bones of this place, awash in shadows and sun, drenched with the colors of the changing season,
I put my photos into a slide show to the music of the immortal Eva Cassidy, “Fields of Gold.”

Kandinsky’s Excuse

Kandinsky, his cows and his maid,
a mere excuse for cobalt blue bleeding
to green gold,
foiled by white with new gamboge spots.
Yellow spots, outrageous on a cow as any red headed country girl knows.
Is that a sap green sea or is it a  ship about to set sail into
a ochre sky? 

“Painting en Plein Air”: Let the Poetry Begin!

Nightfall View From a Kayak, Watercolor by Cheryl R. Long

Painting en Plein Air

My turquoise tangerine
washes cerise chartreuse
in the frangible
new gamboge
of the pear-shaped afternoon.

–Sandy Brown Jensen

Inspired by +Beth Camp, who is doing the October One Poem a Day 
Writing Month, I am teaching a creative writing class in poetry 
Winter 2014 for Lane Community College, so I am beginning to blog 
more poetry to get back into practice.
I follow a website called The Daily Create, and today the creative 
challenge is:

“Find a website with descriptive names for colors; write a story
or poem using at least 5 of those names.”

My poem is drawn from looking at my sister +Cheryl Renee Long's
favorite painting practice, which is outdoors--a practice 
called painting en plein air.
She and I both love a color called New Gamboge, which looks 
like this:
New Gamboge
You can see her effective use of it in the painting above, 
"Nightfall View From a Kayak."

Where We Come From

Today’s Daily Create assignment is:

Where did you come from? Create an image showing your family origins, ethnic heritage, etc.

October 15, 2012. I chose a Gary Snyder quote to accompany the image I made using the Paper 53 app for iPad: “Mountains and rivers without end ” to represent all of the Washington/Oregon Cascadia where our family comes from.

Internet Flow

Today’s Daily Create

Draw the Internet! 12 Oct 2013
Give us an illustration of what the Internet looks like you.
Created with Flowpaper.
At first I tried a random network scribble drawing, but that didn’t express my sense of the Internet with all its major hubs. Flowpaper provides a geat sense of visual complexity.