Fields of Lake Cle Elum Gold

October 24, 2013 found me visiting Seattle to go to a conference. I came a day early so Cheryl and I would have an Art Play Day–and what a day it was! We planned for one destination, but as the sun got lower in the sky, we instead stopped in the surreal basin of the lowered reservoir.

I loved the strong bones of this place, awash in shadows and sun, drenched with the colors of the changing season,
I put my photos into a slide show to the music of the immortal Eva Cassidy, “Fields of Gold.”

Kandinsky’s Excuse

Kandinsky, his cows and his maid,
a mere excuse for cobalt blue bleeding
to green gold,
foiled by white with new gamboge spots.
Yellow spots, outrageous on a cow as any red headed country girl knows.
Is that a sap green sea or is it a  ship about to set sail into
a ochre sky? 

“Painting en Plein Air”: Let the Poetry Begin!

Nightfall View From a Kayak, Watercolor by Cheryl R. Long

Painting en Plein Air

My turquoise tangerine
washes cerise chartreuse
in the frangible
new gamboge
of the pear-shaped afternoon.

–Sandy Brown Jensen

Inspired by +Beth Camp, who is doing the October One Poem a Day 
Writing Month, I am teaching a creative writing class in poetry 
Winter 2014 for Lane Community College, so I am beginning to blog 
more poetry to get back into practice.
I follow a website called The Daily Create, and today the creative 
challenge is:

“Find a website with descriptive names for colors; write a story
or poem using at least 5 of those names.”

My poem is drawn from looking at my sister +Cheryl Renee Long's
favorite painting practice, which is outdoors--a practice 
called painting en plein air.
She and I both love a color called New Gamboge, which looks 
like this:
New Gamboge
You can see her effective use of it in the painting above, 
"Nightfall View From a Kayak."

Internet Flow

Today’s Daily Create

Draw the Internet! 12 Oct 2013
Give us an illustration of what the Internet looks like you.
Created with Flowpaper.
At first I tried a random network scribble drawing, but that didn’t express my sense of the Internet with all its major hubs. Flowpaper provides a geat sense of visual complexity.