Feb. 8, 2010
From Sandy’s Dream Journal


A figure of a boy about 10 years old staggers out of the dusk dressed in 19th century dark trousers, jacket, and cap. He is begging from me, but I am scared and rush away.

He grabs my arm. He’s heavy, solid, and strong. “Help me!” he says to me.

I stumble away and he grabs me. Our combined momentum takes us over the edge into the ditch of the irrigation canal.

“Help me!” I cry over and over so the children who are behind me might hear, “Help me!”

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  1. Hmm, The Time Travelers Wife, the movie is in the mass subconscious right now. However, the irrigation canal sets this nightmare in your childhood (I suspect.) I also had a flashback nightmare the night of the 7th or 8th of February. I wonder if nightmarishness is generalized in the population. He is from the past, a nod to quantum physics and what the bleep do we know. As if it weren't already unbelievably complicated we add this layer of time. I would like to see the mandala a closer. Nice work! Cheryl Renee

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