Three Dolls and a Horse

In the hour between Should and Would,
three dolls dance
and a spotted horse with a lightning bolt tail
reaches his neck in a twisty gallop
to taste the streaky meteors
hissing out of the Persiad
to pepper his pasture with stars.

Frida Kahlo Doll dances
with pain in each small bone—she
is all wires and screws
and insistence on free will.
She would call the Silver Fox
and trap its face in a necklace
woven of wild rose thorns.

Snow Kachina dances his own
culture’s dream of rain or change,
blessing or corn,
healing or chance. His eyes
are black slits, his costumed
art elaborate.
He has something to say about
exigency, but I don’t know
what it is.

Sandy Doll smiles and smiles:
she thinks she has
all the answers.

–Sandy Jensen

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  1. That bad girl Frieda. How mean of her to trap the fox. I would lure him to me with tidbits and give him snacks of rabbit and quail. And if he wished, I would gift him a necklace of liquid silver, barely visible in his silvery green fur.


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