College Girl Mermaid in her Christmas Sweater

College Girl Mermaid in her Christmas Sweater
December 23, 2008

These past couple of weeks, my mind has been a blank, a reflective surface bouncing light off winter snow. I awoke at 4:00 am thinking I should start drawing again to wake my Muse. As I drew, I understood that mind is in the head with glasses and soul is in the body, which swims in the sea of unconscious memories, dreams, desires.

One thought on “College Girl Mermaid in her Christmas Sweater”

  1. She is a dandy hybrid, mind and soul. She represents a recent realization – I cannot look to my mind for the conceiving side of creativity. Art resides in my body and with the Wonderful One Within. The mind does come into play with the making of art – the technical side of things. It is helpful to know that it is not responsible for the magic. I should not be asking it to paint the picture or write the poem in advance. My creative process makes it up as I go along – coming from source. So this pretty mermaid embodies both aspects – and she seems happy to swim in the sea of delicious possibilities.

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