In Search of the Red Carnelian

March 29, 2008. We got up at oh dark hundred in order to meet our rock hound group in Kalama at 8 am. Soon I was once again thankful for our Subaru Forester slogging up a mountain road in 8″ of snow. In our group one vehicle after another just couldn’t cut it. We ended up getting three vehicles up the long timber road climbing snowy Green Mountain.

We entered a secret gate on Longview Fiber timberland. Our club president had permission to enter and the key. Still, I felt a little bit like we were sneaking in. I helped dig for carnelian for about an hour. I found one good specimen but soon lost my motivation. I retired to a warm car to observe a wood filling with snow. The trees, mostly Douglas fir and second growth. Impressive size. I had three hours to make this drawing, watch the snow fall, listen to the melting snow rustle and plop all around me. I took a long walk, taking care not to get lost on the many branching roads. No worries, my size 8 boot tracks were the only ones for miles. Except two sets of deer tracks, very fresh. I had the distinct impression they were peering at me. Also some other tracks, possibly cougar but not so fresh.

We made it home by 11 pm. Tom was so charged up over his booty that he took the time to clean each specimen. His hard work with a shovel produced many fine crystals and one really spectacular palm size red carnelian. One red carnelian, one nice drawing and a quiet day in pristine woods. No people except the rock hounds. A very good day.

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  1. I really love that in a search for red carnelian, a crystal, you find red in the trees and crystal in the snow.This is a very complete picture, full of the mystery and depth of the winter woods.

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