Mandala for Letting Go of My Leaves

Mandala for Letting Go of My Leaves
March 22, 2008, first Saturday of Spring Break

This mandala is cut off at the bottom because it is my first foray into drawing on a larger piece of paper–this is 12 x 12 and textured.

I never know what I’m going to draw in a mandala because I like the idea that they are soul maps, and an avenue for the Wonderful One Within or the Secret Partner to speak to the day or the cycle or to its own truths.

It seemed to me that this was a self-portrait and that the release of leaves, which seems out of sync with the external season, is what happens at the end of an intense quarter for Teecher. In this case, I am also shedding two classes and an entire school, and perhaps the way of life associated with that school. Of course, all the students have been graded and they are falling away from me like leaves.

I have lots of projects I am growing, but it looks like I can hold all those branches in the air waiting for blossom time to come again.

One thought on “Mandala for Letting Go of My Leaves”

  1. Shedding two classes and an entire school? Hurrah! You should be dancing in the streets!

    Nice mandala – odds are that the leaves have already started to become visible.

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