Pear Tree of Life

Last night I attended a magical party at a place called Featherstone Arts. Set deep in the woods at the end of a dirt road, I first viewed the house immediately following the first major rain and thunder storm of the season. Cloud cover completely obscured the sky and white, wraithe like ground fog added to my sense of being in fairy land. I needed but did not have a flashlight to find my way along a dirt driveway to get to the house. I found it by following the glow from the windows and the sound of a a female vocalist. I looked up at 10′ granite sentiels surrounding a pond. This marked the entry and I stepped into a house filled with estatic art, music and food, wine and amazing artists. I have lived here for 14 years and I just now met my art community. It is a homecoming, a true deja vue experience. I accept with gratitude and complete bewilderment. Once again, the very best things that I have ever received in my life have come to me on a silver platter, overflowing.

2 thoughts on “Pear Tree of Life”

  1. Cheryl,
    What a huge and mysterious tree. Robert Moss talks about the big old trees and the spirits that live in them (like John of Arc's). Sometimes the tree image reflects our own body and soul. Do you think that is the case here? Then what is the blue figure low in the center of the trunk? Anything to worry about or something to celebrate?

    The Featherstone Community sounds fabulous–wish I had been there! 🙂
    Wonderful rich indigo blues, and your post could parse out into a poem!

  2. That special spot in the heart of the tree was initially pink, the heartbeat of the tree. It morphed into a slightly veiled spot. Nothing to worry about – just a slight bit of protection. Always appropriate when venturing into new waters. Thanks for the comments- a pear tree of life bears delicious fruit.

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