The Girl In The Red Kimono

The Girl In the Red Kimono
Turning 63, and soon.
I realize with conviction
that my banked fire still heats-
but I will not be the same again.
My red kimono is now for the mystery.
The moon is no longer for bleeding
but for seeing.
The white bird whispers in my ear –
I listen.

5 thoughts on “The Girl In The Red Kimono”

  1. Wonderful picture and the exactly right and mysterious poem to go with! I hope you will reconsider the ways you could particpat ein the miniatures art night. This image ink-jetted at a small 2″ size, glued to an artists trading card with the poem beside…I think that osunds fabulous! Send to that online print source for repro. Do a few of those and sell them…?

  2. Hmmm, OK I will give this some thought. Who knows, maybe could be done. I will have to research a bit to see who might handle that size. The trading card culture seems to dictate that the art all be original and free. Am I wrong about that?

  3. Dance the dance as if nothing else matters.
    Dance as if there is no tomorrow…
    or yesterday or even now.
    All is change, all is flux of the divine breath
    in and out.
    The fire may be banked in form
    but where you and I dwell
    it rages.
    Rages indeed.

  4. Anon E. Moose says

    Turning, turning, turning
    Thus the wheel of life and death goes round
    We each are here
    Unknowing of the greater dance
    But if we look with eyes that see
    Eyes that burn with vision
    Dare we that vision?

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