Spirits in the Cave Wall; Stories on the Land

I like this double page spread in my new art journal. I learned to lay down paint, then to press Saran Wrap on top and let it dry. Organic shapes were left that I could draw, trace, paint and generally have fun with as this combination cave wall and narrative landscape emerged from my meditation.

Interestingly, this painting was followed by the short story currently on my sandybrownjensen blog called “Endangered Species.”

3 thoughts on “Spirits in the Cave Wall; Stories on the Land”

  1. I see ancient canyon walls, prehistoric birds, wolves, antelopes and hidden pathways. This image is inhabited by many spirits, alive and well moving through time to us. Nice job with the multimedia. Will you attend the Burridge workshop with me in June? Art in The Mountains, Bend Oregon. This is so much in the spirit of what he teaches.

  2. The more I look the more I see; prehistoric birds, wolves, antelope, an ancient landscape inhabited by many spirts, many life forms. VERY beautiful, complex and intersting.

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