Cheryl Does Picasso and The Guardian Owls All On

This is what you get when Cheryl does the massive SAM Picasso exhibit, eats excellent Mexican food then goes home to watch The Guardian Owls. The Guardian Owls movie is great animation – I was absolutely fascinated how they could give so much expression to an owl. The Picasso exhibit was dark but inspiring. He was a genius but when I compared how I felt leaving his exhibit say versus an O’Keefe exhibit, I know who I would love to have on my walls. Picasso showed only one landscape. He primarily painted people, especially women. Usually women unhappy or crying. I like our stuff better!

2 thoughts on “Cheryl Does Picasso and The Guardian Owls All On”

  1. Terrific! I love the owls, and you inspire me to try them myself.
    Yes, we saw a fabulous Picasso exhibit in Switzerland focusing on his Minotaur material. Deeply deep!

  2. See! I suggested you both "see" that movie of the Owls…not only expressions but depth of each character which is animation or the art of a new media within the field of animation.

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