Moon Roses


This is the first sketch I did for the Color Your World colored pencil online art class from Toucan Create! It reminded me of the poem, “Moon Roses” by my husband Peter Jensen. The marriage of the two speaks to the soul of the Mysterious Night Vision Field Journal.

Moon Roses

                       Written after my shock at 9/11 turned into an endless grief

 Sometimes, we have to leave the Earth.

Some times are bad times, war time, time

to learn how bad humans can be. That’s

when we order roses from the Moon.


Moon roses show up, brighter than summer

roses, pale and day-glo and neon

as if they were grown in an off-planet

hot house. They appear too good for this world.


We ordered four hot pinks, two purples, and two

creamy oranges, and they last as if their petals

were silk spun by Moon moths

in our winter cool solarium.


As proof of where they came from, the Moon is full.

At night, I can see our Moon roses longing for home.

                                    —Peter Jensen

8 thoughts on “Moon Roses”

  1. Janhavi McKenzie – Artist, Healer, Teacher, Guide Self taught artist. Studied Spiritual Healing from Healing in America. Studied Advanced level Coaching skills with International Coach Academy. Studied Constellation Work with Stephen Victor. Have taught yoga, meditation, energy work and led women's spiritual groups.
    Janhavi says:

    I applaud this picture. I applaud the poem. Gorgeous!

    1. Thank you, Janhavi!
      I was sudden,y surprised at the juxtaposition of the two, but it’s as if they were made for each other.
      I appreciate you stopping by and saying something so kind.

    1. Thank you, Pamela!
      Really, the two were created almost decades apart, but as we know, “Life likes to rhyme!” and the poem and the art suddenly clicked together like long separated and newly reunited lovers.
      I appreciate that you took the time to stop by and to so eloquently express your thoughts!

  2. Cheryl Renee Long – Seattle, WA USA – Professional artist/educator. My primary medium is watercolor and my subjects include birds, landcapes, florals and what is fascinating me in the moment. I live, paint and teach art in the Seattle, Washington area. My philosophy has a distinctly secular and yet spiritual slant. My interests include organic gardening, whole food cooking, geology, archeology, all of the earth sciences. I like to dialog with people about what matters the most to the planet.
    Cheryl Renee Long says:

    The poem is one of my all time favorites. Your art is so expressive. A poignant post. Thanks.

    1. Thank you, Cheryl, for taking the time to say so. I love this poem, and I was very excited when the two came together in this post.

    1. Thanks, Cuz! So great to see you on my re-upped blog. I hope you took a moment to subscribe because I love the idea of having you there when I post.
      Mom’s 90 th birthday party will be Mother’s Day weekend. Nan and Edie will both be there–would love. to see you!

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