In Praise of Roses

This is a strange little watercolor to indulge my fascination with roses and my barely controlled need to acquire far too many of the time consuming and high maintenance flowers. ” Oh, but they give back so much! They are so worth the investment!” I say to convince myself that 24 rose bushes are not quite enough. Buying two more cannot qualify me as obsessive.

Lets just say that I have enough time up to my elbows in roses that my sister and brother-in-law gave me long white deerskin rose gloves to keep the thorns at bay. I thought they were kind of surreal so I painted them disembodied, dancing through the rose bushes with a mind of their own.

One thought on “In Praise of Roses”

  1. Peter asked, “Is that a self-portrait? It looks like Mariah.” I said that a self-portrait is not about the aging, external self (although sometimes it is), but about the many faces of the self–here you are the eternal gardener, an archetype that reaches back into the roots of post-paleolithic time.
    It’s a beauty–I have it hanging over my computer at this very moment!

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