A Mandala For New Beginnings

The way I work, I create one step at a time. I only move to an area when I know what to do. This mandala emerged the evening after an especially rich session with my therapist. When I started I assumed that something would develop for the middle portion. It eventually became apparent that the void was intended for the center. This time of my life is a new beginning as I free myself from old emotions that I no longer need. What is coming next is far from clear, no inkling yet but I am reasonably sure something will show up.

2 thoughts on “A Mandala For New Beginnings”

  1. In my mandala book there is a blank circle and it is called your face before you are born–this is spookily like it. Very full of promise and contained space for spontaneity–reminds me also of the enzo, that calligraphed circle containing everything.

  2. Yes,after I posted this I almost immediately learned about the concept of MA, a Japanese word for void or emptiness, or negative space. I have not heard of enzo and my online dictionary is not helping since it is likely a foreign word. Do you have a definition? I am rereading Source Imagry as if for the first time and she mentions this concept of facelessness in the womb. I happen to know that fetus have a face early on so I get it that the meaning is “unformed but with innate potential to become.”

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