After Many Days of Flight She Arrived, Message Delivered

I paint and draw from forms created by indigenous
peoples because I believe that I may feel what they felt; maybe begin to know what they knew. I am trying to capture strains of knowledge from the akashic record. This is not an outlandish idea. Art students have copied the great masters for centuries. Their goal is to sense, to intuit and to learn from the great artists that have now passed.
I can do the same for much the same reason.

2 thoughts on “After Many Days of Flight She Arrived, Message Delivered”

  1. Cheryl,
    I don’t think you need to defend your sources of inspiration any more. More to the point is what you think about it. It is a very strong image. The dots remind me of Australian dreamtime painting, of course. Is the left arm shadowed because it is injured, or because the left wing always shelters surprise, intuition, gateway to the unconscious?

    I assume by the somewhat arcane expression “Akashic Record,” which I haven’t heard in decades and am only vaguely familiar with,you mean what Jung referred to as the “collective unconscious”?

    Did you send the message out, and now the messenger has returned? I think so after two pictures of the outgoing birds.

    I’ll be interested to see what paintings you do from the bird imagery. I haven’t actually seen any native art that looks like this, but I’m not pan-tribally informed, either!

  2. Yes the bird is damaged but not fatally injured. And yes, also surprise, intuition and gateway to the subconscious. The akashic record is still in use in some circles, probably because it implies deep history back into archiac times. And yes, the collective subconscious is a good way to refer to it as well although I am not sure everyone realizes that it extends into the past as well as the present.

    This art is only inspired by native art. It emerged over several days in dream fragments and finally landed last night.

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