Fish Goddess, Dancers, Horses

Following the Dancer 02-08-08

Cave Wall 02-09-08

Proof that Horses are Time Travelers from the Future 02-24-08

Grandma Ellen appeared today in my drawing, big bosomed, a Fish Goddess speaking to me from the sea… 02-25-09

2 thoughts on “Fish Goddess, Dancers, Horses”

  1. Love the texture and line, lots of variation and movement in each piece.

    Jewel tones repeated in Follow The Dancer – the bright pink repeat and even your blue has resonance of the bright pink. It is a red based blue rather than a green based blue so it amplifies and echoes the pinks. Lively, fun!

  2. I recently found my pictures of you and Peter’s wedding – with many of Grandma Ellen. She was a fine lady and I feel so lucky that I got to know her a little.

    Great images.


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