Double Rainbow, April 26, 2012

I saw this double rainbow around 7:30 pm on Thursday evening, April 26, 2012. It appeared to be over the Kent east hill in Washington State,  but of course it is a mirage so it moved as I moved. The rainbow on the left was the most intense color I have ever seen in a rainbow, with the right rainbow slightly lighter with a misty feeling. The brilliant  setting sun through intermittent light rain provided the right circumstances for this rainbow to occur. Sandy and Toren also saw a double rainbow on the same evening at the same time in the Portland, Oregon area. This seems significant to me, even though I somewhat understand the physics. The way the miracles work scientifically makes them seem more wonderous rather than less. The fact that three sisters saw a double rainbow in different states at the same exact time seems incredible to me. 

It is even more incredible considering that this time is highly charged for our family. Our mother Mickey calls it a pivot point in time. She just underwent hip replacement surgery at age 86. She sees this time of healing as the point in her life where she will divide the time in her awareness. Before hip replacement and a year of suffering, and after hip replacement. She states:” from this point I move forward with the last years of my ministry on earth.” 

From my perspective, she got a double rainbow thumbs up from the Universe. 

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