Out of the Cave

Out of the Cave
I often draw in front of the TV, and this particular evening, I saw an image on TV of white bat shapes coming out of a cave. Then we started watching the Geronimo special, and whenever I glanced up, I’d see a shape of ocotillo cactus or the compelling shape of a desert wind blasted standing stone.  I drew whatever shape implanted itself on my retina. I like the results. I see people under the protection of the cave and in the powerful companionship of the Soul Stone.

One thought on “Out of the Cave”

  1. This is too funny. I just responded by email. I too have painted from retina images. Reportedly Dali claimed he did not fear imprisonment because he could paint his retina images the rest of his life. A new dream image for me involves white ravens – albino ravens from BC I think, I need to check on that. I like your electric highly charged image. The cactus looks burning and alive to me but in a controlled way. Everyone is looking at it – waking from hibernation or trance perhaps.

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