Dream of the Crystal Flower

February 10, 2008
Dream of the Crystal Flower

In this dream, I am leaving a place which is both WSU, where I went as an undergraduate in 1968-71, and Camp Zanika Lache, where I attended Camp Fire Girls Camp for so many years when I was a child and young girl. Mom and Daddy are here on the campus, too, also getting ready to leave. I am walking just at dusk to find them.

I walk under a Doug fir past a closed up log cabin, following an old path that winds past the cabins and connects them through the forest. Quartz chunks line the path. In the dimming light, I spot a particularly large piece of rock crystal and pick it up.

It is a huge quartz crystal surrounded by crystalline shapes like petals. I look at the other quartz pieces lining the walkway and many are partially defined crystal blossoms, but none so fine. I decide it is okay to keep it, and I hold it in both hands as I round the backside of the cabin and walk into the deepening gloom of the forest toward my parent’s cabin. The crystal emits a low, yellow light.

2 thoughts on “Dream of the Crystal Flower”

  1. Crystals with flower petals, mysterious woods and cabin. A path lined with crystals taking on the road of mystery, wonder and awe. Isn’t that the way your life has been since WSU? Your parents introduced you to an incredible world and you have been walking that path all this time. The flower shaped petals tell you that you are on the right track. They are offering you power, direction and protection. You are on the right path.

  2. Thank you for that affirmation! This was dreamt and drawn just as I was preparing my materials for a class at Linfield called The Hero’s Journey. Once again, I’ve heard the Call to Adventure, have been given a talisman and set out on the High Road to Adventure!

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