February 3, 2008 They Came With A Message of Change

The night of February 3, the crows and the cormorants come with a message of major change. They fly over a calm ocean with an active, but not foreboding sky in the background. When they arrive this way in huge flocks, organized and purposeful, they always bring news – a psychic heads up if you like. The next day, February 4, I received an invitation to a wedding in Tulum on the Yucatan Penninsula in Mexico. This will be a very special trip. My husband Tom and I will be meeting the people who live there – our friend Xan is marrying a Mexican citizen.

To me, going to Mexico signals a major life change. My friend is moving there, opening a gallery there, offering me a place to show and sell my art. This is a passport to jungles, Mayan ruins, iguanas, white beaches and Mexican art. The crows have me learning Spanish and ordering books on Mayan art and culture. The crows have me painting 6 shaman, etched into a canyon wall. I will eat, sleep, think and dream of Tulum until I get there and perhaps for ever after.

One thought on “February 3, 2008 They Came With A Message of Change”

  1. I love the Escher-esque quality of this image. I actually didn’t see the birds at all until I read the post! I saw the ocean on the headlands. Of course, now I can’t NOT see the birds, but that is an eerie optical illusion that I love a lot.

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