Juggling Fruit For Fun

It was January 10th, 2012 and we were all rusty. Many of us had not painted over the holidays. Juggling Fruit for Fun started as a ten minute warm up class exercise. My students painted and I painted with them. It is not cheating to go back and complete the image later and that is what I did.

Fast warm ups often produce fun and energy, on the paper right where you want it. It is a good way to put the muse on alert, solicit the help of your art guides and convince your subconscious and other invisible sources that you are now serious about getting on with painting.

2 thoughts on “Juggling Fruit For Fun”

  1. That is a very playful, clownlike image with teacherly comments! However, it is't clear exactly what Juggling Fruit for Fun as an exercise consists of? Can you elucidate?

  2. The exercise was to paint three small paintings 4 X 6 in watercolor. Each one was timed 10 minutes. The forth one was to be untimed. The subject was a large fruit still life and the students could paint all or part of it. The idea was to get paint moving after a long break from painting. This is one of my 10 minute paintings and I did go back and complete it later. Sabby?

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