:Magnetic Boots Dream

Magnetic Boots 
…comes from a dream of August 22, 2014

I am in a  beautiful, spacious gallery. I am working as a staff member that day with two other women. I realize there is someplace else that I urgently need to be. I ask them if they will cover for me. They agree and I leave quickly.

Next I am walking with a young man. He is over 7 feet tall. He has very black hair and white skin. He tells me he is only 20 and that the Guinness Book of Records will not yet give him the tallest man in the world status because he is still growing. There is another man somewhere in the world and they are in competition for the title.

He and I come to a yellow art studio in the woods. It has many open windows and he easily steps in through a window. I am too short to easily lift myself up to get through the window. I think he might lend me a hand and he finally does offer a hand but he is not really any help. I finally am able to get into the studio but with difficulty.

I wonder why I feel so heavy. I look down at the my feet. I am wearing my leather Red Wing work boots. They are covered with screws, nuts, bolts – bits of metal and one of them is sticking me in the foot, hurting me. I think, these are magnetic boots and they are attracting all kinds of heavy shit. 

–Cheryl R.Long

Since I had this dream I have resigned from my gallery and taken a year off from producing retreats. I have completed four paintings so far this month. My two classes are full. Two other classes simply went away. Space in consciousness. I guess I just need a lot of room. 

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