Map of the Journeying of the Ancestors Back to the Dream-time

Map of the Journeying of the Ancestors Back to the Dream-time

I thought about how it is that as I grow older, I feel further and further away from my childhood and who I was as a child. If I think about it in a certain way, I feel lost, and that makes me realize what people mean when they say they are lost, that they don’t know who they are anymore.

In this picture, I am lost in a maze of trees, looking for my way back to who I am supposed to be, what I am supposed to be doing. In this picture, I am going the wrong way on the road back to the Dream-time. An ancestor grandmother in a long skirt is on the road back to the Lake with the Bluest Eye, and before her is a Conestoga wagon with our ancestors of yet the more previous generation. The Lake with the Bluest Eye is at the foot of the Mountains of Memory. Today, at sunset, the Dream-time Mists have cleared for a moment, and the light of the most distant sun lights up snowfields and meadows.

Since I drew this, the sun has set, the Mists have risen from the marsh around the Lake, and I am once again alone on the Cedar Trail.

2 thoughts on “Map of the Journeying of the Ancestors Back to the Dream-time”

  1. Hi Sandy,
    I am posting from Mom’s computer.
    This is a really gorgeous piece of art. I love the aerial perspective with the bluer mountains in the foreground and the golden mountains catching the sun in the background. The labryrinth effect equals the feeling of being lost. Excellent.

    Your thoughts are very similar to mine at age 58. It was a disorienting few year in my late 50’s and no one warned me that those years could be so introspective. I experienced a profound change in my own identity as a breadwinner, as a professional woman. I have come out the other side feeling very differently about my role in the world and how I get though life. I suspect you are in some similar process and I would bet anything that you will “find” yourself in a new and even more fascinating way.

  2. Dear Sandy,
    Cheryl gave you her 60 year old interpretation of this. So now I am going to give you my 82 years metaphysical response. You are not lost. I see the labrinth as an joyful animal figure and you are not in the labyrinth any more. The dark finger-like shape that goes diagonally across two worlds is really yourself. Your head is the lake with the Bluest Eye. Your body is the diagonal figure which contains ancient wisdom. You are on your back and your left arm emcompasses the child and the labryinth. Your right arm lies at the base of the mountains forming another lake. Concerned adults surround and encompass you. The Being Figure connects the two worlds.
    Mom/crl typist

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