2 thoughts on “Doorways Between This World and the Other Worlds”

  1. Doorways is mysterious and intriging. I want to see the originals so I can get all of the detail. The glowing lavender and blue pot on the fire – what is brewing with you? Overdue to get outdoors, no doubt. Love,

  2. Dear Sandy,
    It looks to me like a door between two worlds is a continuing theme. It is a change in consciousness. It started with the Coyote in The Tree. You are the only one who knows how the coyote got trapped in the tree and you are the light that shines her way out.

    You are not leaving your childhood but you are not going to get trapped in your head – you are just giving yourself more space to move into and to express into. It is one world, different frequencies.

    Mickey/Mom/crl typist

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