The Blue Door

The Blue Door is an illustration for the book Journey Through the Blue Door, written by Nancy-Rose Meeker and Angela Cecil, compiled by Sandy Jensen. The poem expresses my feelings about the passing of Angela Cecil December 28, 2008.

January 16, 2009


How does grief find me?
A visitor camping at my door.
She pitches a tent, rolls out a bag
waits for many days more.

At first I do not hear
the soft tap, tapping.
I‘m busy and the guest
she continues softly to rap.

I do not sense, I’m unaware –
as the first dark days go by –
I know the guest is calling
but I do not cry.

I am not feeling well now
my body twists and cries.
I think I hear the door now,
what is on the other side?

Grief finally tires of waiting
disguised as a really bad day.
My guard cannot match – she enters and
I, disarmed cannot delay.

My friends lost a daughter –
we all have daughters
we openly and deeply grieve.
Together we drink down the bitter
None will turn, no one will leave.

Tonight I cannot turn grief away
necessary as tornados
certain as the birth of lambs.
Tonight I sit with her and I pray.

Cheryl Renee Long

2 thoughts on “The Blue Door”

  1. Wow! I am blown away! That is fabulous, and I hope you are sending Rose a giclee!
    But I am not the author, if you will note: Nancy Rose Meeker and Angela Cecil are the authors.

    I love this as a companion piece to Blue Ronel Running, and I definitely want to put my order in for a giclee, too!

  2. And thanks for all your fun and fine comments! Don’t forget Ruby Heart!

    These are easy forms you can try: the “My Life as a Spiritual Journey Poem,” the “I Remember” poem, the “If I were a mountain/song/heroine of a film, etc. Poem.”

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