Two Composition Assignments

A Conversation I Keep Having with Myself
Rainbirds  of Wenatchee: A Quilt for Toren

These two paintings are in response to assignments from the Steve Aimone book I am in love with right now. Here is the link in the side bar. The top one is putting angular shapes and curvilinear shapes in to what Aimone calls a conversation. I really have the sense of the ovals/circles being the soul and the geometric shapes are the world. The lines say that I both struggle to integrate AND embrace the geometries of the world from a soul place.

The second assignment was to draw a grid as a foundation for a composition. I got the grid and it was fields. I but the fan shapes on, and they were Rainbirds of the Columbia Plateau. I got a rubber stamp and stamped in the rainbirds, but it still seemed incomplete, so I started writing in all the names of our family and friends and placenames of Wenatchee, and it became a memory quilt.

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  1. The rainbird sprinklers are also fascinating to observe from the air and the geometric patterns that they create. Yes this would make an amazing and beautiful soul memory quilt. It seems fine to me to have a quilt on paper. Why not? Quilts take so long to execute so quilt sketches seem like a good way to capture many ideas.

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