Cosmic Being With Astral Body

This blot technique is revealing all kinds of layered strangeness. I saw this alien being immediately. Later I realized that if I turn it on its side it could have been a landscape with reflection in water.

But no, we see what we see and that is what makes this technique fascinating. Lately I am seeing these otherworldly creatures – right about the time I am feeling overly grounded and stogy. Be sure to scroll down to see the entire image. Is this a girl alien being or a boy alien being? Androgynous perhaps.

3 thoughts on “Cosmic Being With Astral Body”

  1. I love this black paper blot–I only have white–must rummage around. This is a complex and luminous image. Why don't you do some automatic writing and have a conversation with it?

  2. How funny is that? It does have some sexual component to it. Nancy Rose also advised me to have a conversation with the Angel image so I am doubly informed.

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