Vine Snake and Nesting Birds

The beautiful aboreal gold green Vine Snake eats mostly lizards; lucky for the nesting birds and thier eggs. I did not spot this well camofloged snake. I tramped through the Yucatan jungle and wisely stayed on the trail, keeping a sharp eye out for scorpions or snakes. Thor Janson’s book Maya Nature made me aware of the presence of pit vipers including the formidable Fer-De-Lance.

One thought on “Vine Snake and Nesting Birds”

  1. Holy Snake Goddess, Batgirl!
    You’ve really captured the mythic essence of this very real snake-which-I-am-glad-you-didn’t-encounter-in-real-life!
    The image is a psychic collage, what one might see if ingesting a mild infusion of the fer-de-lance toxin. Wonderful in art–I can skip it in life!

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