Angelic Being of Light

This is a fascinating techique – a variation on scribble drawing to tap the subconscious. I folded my black paper, dropped in some Chinese white watercolor on one side, closed it and rubbed the back, then dried with a hair dryer. Draw as usual with colored pencil.
I have a strong sensing that this is a specific entity and she has something to do with Nancy Rose. Maybe Rose will recognize her.

One thought on “Angelic Being of Light”

  1. Wow! Strange and beautiful! I also tried a new expressive technique this morning from a book Peter bought me called "Expressive Drawing" by Steve Aimone. It's very Kahlo Diary-esque. You write a full page of narrative, journal entry-I did it in mixed black pen and watercolor pencil. Then you use paint to "reveal and obscure." The hand writing acts as a unifying visual element. I'll post it later.
    I love how "plastic-y" your painting looks–not just luminous but three-dimensional like one of those mylar balloons with the female figure inside. Love that!

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