Kahlo Diary-esque

I also tried a new expressive technique this morning from a book Peter bought me called “Expressive Drawing” by Steve Aimone. It’s very Kahlo Diary-esque. You write a full page of narrative, journal entry–I did it in mixed black pen and watercolor pencil. Then you use paint to “reveal and obscure.” The handwriting acts as a unifying visual element.

This journal talks about umbrella walks in the the spring, cherry blossoms and daffodils, so all those elements ended up in the painting. The handle of the umbrella made  “J,” so I added my other initial, “S.” Certain words stand out from the texture of handwriting: the light, the light, brief, to hold on, to not forget, memory.”
Posted by Sandy Brown Jensen

One thought on “Kahlo Diary-esque”

  1. Sandy, this is gorgeous! Cannot wait to try it out myself. Is the book worth purchasing? Yes, holding onto memeory is definitely on my mind, always. This particular image I would like to see live, it seems textured and layered. Ryle likes the idea of going for walks in the rain.

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