Her Roots Ran Deeply Above and Below, Anchoring Her Firmly

February 9, 2008. Very late at night, I conceived of this image as a ploy against depression. Willing the grayness in my spirit to lift, the picture worked so well that it took on a whole new life of its own. The depression went away instantly and the image had its own ideas about what needed to happen.

This meditating Goddess is connected to invisible source above. The life force moves through her endocrine system like sap through a tree, and indeed her body is deeply rooted into the earth. She provides a safe home for owls, ferns, leaves and stones, cradling them within her.

2 thoughts on “Her Roots Ran Deeply Above and Below, Anchoring Her Firmly”

  1. Cheryl–this is an incredibly evocative, other-worldly image–not only does it make me think of an alien but a goddess alien at that with an owl above her heart, the awakened third eye, her umbilicus to the world above and her venous connection to the world below…

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