Ink Blot Landscape

I tried Cheryl’s ink blot technique. In my book, the sun is in the upper left hand of a horizontal page, but it scanned out like this and revealed a new world of reflection, emerging objects and beings…

2 thoughts on “Ink Blot Landscape”

  1. Sandy this is a wonderful, framable piece of art. I do not suppose you want to take it out of your book but it is very good. I would very much like at least a photocopy of it. I am not sure how the scan got so creative, who says that machines cannot make artistic decisions. Great stuff. What art supplies are you missing for your birthday? How many tube pinks and blues do you have? Last night I made a chart with all my pinks and blues mixed to make fantastic purples.

  2. A Conversation stands very well as a piece of art. I particularly like the yellow and green box seen from above with the golden object in the bottom. Makes me wonder what is in there but the painting is essentially nonobjective, truly abstract with lots of vibrational content and intent, as all good abstracts are. You look like you are enjoying doing the art.

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