Mayan Chronicles, Full Immersion

Tulum, Tulum. In the jungle, on the Carribean, an hour and a half south of the big city Cancun. For me a week in Tulum means that I will remain connected and engaged there for the rest of my life. Many years ago in my mid 20’s, a psychic told me that I experienced a past life as a Mayan artist and priestess. I neither believed or disbelieved it but my sense of connection with Mexico has run like an underground river through my psyche since my first visit to Mexico when I was 16. Here are the images I managed to produce during my full time in Tulum – more to follow.

One thought on “Mayan Chronicles, Full Immersion”

  1. This image presents a gateway to the underworld; a gateway to the plantlife world and all its powers and mysteries; a gateway to the sea with its dangers and subconscious currents; and a gateway to the sun and the upper world.

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