The Iguana That Ate the Wedding Flowers

Iguanas seem to be everyone’s pet in Mexico. This guy had the run of the restaurant and Ricardo, the bar tender let him take dainty bites from the wedding center piece.

At another tiny bar, deep in the jungle next to a beautiful fresh water cenote, the proprietor kept a 3′, bright green iguana on the bar for the delight of the customers. Never mind that the iguana received better tips than the rather taciturn bar tender.
In Mexico, not everyone could speak English but most everyone would smile. At the Tulum ruins, an man did nothing but pose with a 5′ iguana and pass the hat to the French tourists for taking his photo. He had enough money in the hat to feed his family or buy a large round of michiladas for his friends.

One thought on “The Iguana That Ate the Wedding Flowers”

  1. Great, iconic iguana sketch! Like geckos, people dote on ’em. I hear they taste just like chicken, but have no interest in finding out! Colorful and playful–almost one of your dragon art series!

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